Residential Internet & Phone Services

It's time to say goodbye to waiting for pages to load or files to download. With our broadband residential high speed Internet services you'll get a super fast Internet connection. In no time you'll be able to...

To start residential service a $149.95 one-time installation and setup fee is required. Below is our monthly residential Internet service pricing.

Internet Packages:
(Speeds up to*)
20Mb - $69.95 - ( 20 x 2)
27Mb - $79.95 - ( 27 x 2 )
35Mb - $109.95 - ( 35 x 2 )

*Actual speeds up to and will vary. Internet limitations, network and the customer's network/devices' configuration effect data speed. Maximum upload and download speeds are set to each level, respectively for the service level you have chosen. Business Network management needs may require us to modify maximum upstream and/or downstream rates.

Residential Phone: $29.95/month

Residential Installation:
$50.00 Phone
$149.95 All others
$100.00 CommDeck

Static IP Address: $25.00 Setup fee & $14.95 monthly.

LTE Install: $225 installation fee.

LTE internet speeds are based on "Fair Access" usage. Speeds are not limited but do vary based on total network usage.